In January, the Turkish Dental Association (TDA) updated the implant prices for 2024. In this content, we have compiled all the latest price information for you.

Find all the latest price updates about implant tooth prices in the rest of our content. We have also compared the prices of imported and domestic implants from other countries.

We examined the current screw-type implant prices for 2024. Here are the details...

How Much Are Implant Tooth Prices? TDA Price List!

The fees for services provided by dentists are updated once or twice a year by the Turkish Dental Association. Dentists continue to provide their services based on these prices. Clinics use these prices as a baseline and establish their own pricing policies.

The current prices for 2024 have been announced by the TDA. We have compiled the answers to the question of how much current implant prices are for you in a list.

Implant Prices 2024 - Treatment Price List!

Güncel İmplant Fiyatları
Güncel İmplant Fiyatları

Implant tooth replacement is a method used to address health and aesthetic concerns in cases of tooth loss. There is a specific cost for the procedures performed for this method. Additionally, the costs of screwing materials and artificial teeth used as a treatment method also affect the pricing.

The subperiosteal rod implant method is the most commonly used method in this treatment. However, it includes many different procedures.

The current implant price list for 2024 is as follows:

TreatmentPrice (Excluding VAT)VAT Included (10%)
Implant Guide (Half Jaw)119 £131 £
Implant Guide (Full Jaw)173 £190 £
Capition Setting-Implant Upper Opening52 £57 £
Reimplantation Implant Price135 £149 £
In-Bone Implant Prices (Excluding Single Cylindrical Implant Fee)333 £366 £
Implant Removal127 £140 £
Zygoma Implant Price (Excluding Implant Fee)514 £566 £
Peri-Implantitis (Surgical) (Excluding Biomaterial and Membrane Fees) (Single Implant)86 £95 £
Peri-Implantitis (Non-Surgical) (Single Implant)36 £40 £

We have compiled the topic behind our up-to-date implant treatment price list for you. You can find information on implant brands and price changes applied according to brands below.

These pricing details are official figures determined for the procedure. Implant prices and brands may vary based on the materials used.

What Are the Implant Brands?

İmplant Markaları Nelerdir?
İmplant Markaları Nelerdir?

There are several brands that produce the materials used in implant treatments. Although there are products with similar forms and structures, they have features that differ technically.

Leading implant brands whose products we prefer in the treatment process are as follows:

  • Nobel Biocare
  • Medentika
  • Implant Direct
  • DTI
  • Dentsply Sirona
  • Straumann
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Bilimplant

Since dental health is crucial, the quality of the materials used is essential. The brands mentioned above are globally recognized manufacturers with proven quality.

The price ranges for products used by implant brands may vary. You should consult your dentist about this matter. Implant prices may be subject to changes based on the chosen brand and current exchange rates.

Factors Influencing Implant Prices

In dental treatments, the prices may vary due to differences in individuals' oral structures, dental problems, and clinic variations. The cost of implant treatment can also vary based on several factors.

Here are the factors influencing implant prices:

  • Price lists determined by the Turkish Dental Association,
  • Material used in the implant,
  • Whether the implant is domestically or internationally produced,
  • The dentist performing the implant and the clinic where the procedure is performed,
  • Patient's condition, oral and dental structure,
  • Number of implants needed,
  • Pricing at the clinic.

All these factors can affect the cost of your implant treatment.

Bridge Implant Prices 2024

This method is preferred in cases of multiple tooth loss. It has a result-oriented process that ensures patient satisfaction aesthetically.

In cases where bridge implants are preferred, treatment is provided by supporting it with a fixed prosthesis. The biggest advantage of this treatment is that it can be applied to almost every age group.

The price of a three-tooth bridge for a single missing tooth ranges from 262 £ to 393 £. For two missing teeth, a four-tooth bridge is applied, and the price varies between 524 £ and 668 £. In addition to this pricing, additional material fees, such as the abutment fee, which will be added to the area where the bridge implant will be performed, can be included to complete the treatment.

Dental implant treatment prices vary depending on the procedures to be performed.

Screwless Implant Prices 2024

Vidasız İmplant Ücreti
Vidasız İmplant Ücreti

The main difference between screwless implant treatment and screw treatment is the material used to fix the tooth.

In screwless implant treatments, titanium products are used to fix the tooth. In screwless treatment, the patient can remove and maintain the tooth on their own.

For screwless treatment fees, you need to consult your dentist.

First, it is necessary to decide whether this treatment method is a suitable solution for your health issue. Then, clear pricing will be determined based on the process.

The average pricing for screwless implants shows a starting price of 104 £ for a single tooth.

How Much Does 32 Tooth Implants Cost?

Implant prices are based on a single tooth. Pricing is updated based on the procedures to be performed and the number of teeth in the mouth.

For a 32-tooth implant procedure, the condition of the 20-year molars in the person's mouth is checked. This process takes a long time. Beforehand, the dentist will request a full-mouth X-ray.

Implant treatments that can be applied for an entirely toothless mouth are available.

32-tooth implant treatments have a personalized positioning for the individual. There are different parameters such as mouth structure, locations where implants can be added in the mouth.

The cost of a 32-tooth implant depends on factors such as the structure of the mouth, the number of teeth to be added, and the location of the implant in the mouth. For detailed information, you can create an appointment by calling our clinic.

Single Tooth Implant Prices 2024: How Much?

Every year, the Turkish Dental Association updates the prices for dental treatments. Updated prices vary depending on the type of treatment.

The pricing ranges are mostly based on the 'single tooth' pricing for the type of treatment.

  • Single Tooth Implant Prices: 262 £ - 393 £.

Prices for this treatment always shape according to the patient's needs. Therefore, obtaining pricing according to the duration required for your treatment, regardless of the current minimum limits, will be the most accurate answer.

To get current pricing for your treatment and pricing tailored to your needs, you can call our clinic.

When determining treatment fees based on the procedure, another pricing criterion is the material and brand to be used.

Domestic Implant Prices: How Much?

The fees for implant treatment vary depending on factors such as the doctor performing the procedure and the material to be used.

However, there is a lower limit determined by the Turkish Dental Association for these prices.

In addition to average pricing, there may be changes in pricing based on the treatment process, the number of teeth to be treated, and the material used.

Various brands that can be used in this treatment are available in the market. Among the leading companies in the industry, there are both domestic and foreign brands.

Average domestic implant prices range from 262 £ to 511 £. Prices may vary depending on the treatment process, the number of teeth to be treated, and the material to be used.

German Implant Prices 2024 – All Brands!

There are many implant manufacturers based in different countries. Since they are part of the healthcare sector, all manufacturers have high protection production standards.

German-based implant manufacturers are among the leading companies in this field. Implant prices for German manufacturers are operated on a foreign currency basis.

It is possible to have an implant procedure done with German-manufactured materials. Pricing is calculated based on the current exchange rate as it is a foreign-based production.

  • Average German Implant Prices: 450 € - 850 €.

Remember that pricing may vary depending on the treatment to be applied and the number of teeth.

For the most up-to-date pricing information, consulting your dentist will be the healthiest solution.

Implant Prices in Izmir: How Much?

İzmir İmplant Tedavi Fiyatları
İzmir İmplant Tedavi Fiyatları

Izmir Implant Treatment Prices Implant prices in Izmir are within a certain average range. All dentists serving in Turkey are subject to the minimum pricing set by the Turkish Dental Association.

Increases in pricing may occur based on the treatment and materials used. These pricing changes may vary entirely based on the treatment needed for your teeth and the number of teeth.

There are many clinics and dentists in the Izmir region that provide implant services with expertise in the field. Pricing may vary depending on the materials used in the service and the dentist's patient satisfaction.

Average Izmir Implant Prices: 393 £ - 524 £. We work with our expert team and quality material preferences in Izmir for you. We would like to establish the most suitable pricing for you first by saying 'for your dental health.'

Straumann Implant Price: How Much?

Switzerland is one of the leading countries in the world in the production of implant materials. It is preferred among many dentists for its quality in terms of material and patient satisfaction.

Many dentists in our country also use Straumann brand implant materials.

  • The average price of Straumann implants is 537 £.

Due to being based abroad, prices are updated based on the exchange rate. To get information about the latest pricing, you can call our clinic.

Osstem Implant Price: What is it?

Osstem implant is a South Korean company's product that is preferred by dentists in our country.

It has a quality structure in terms of product use satisfaction and production quality. It is among the products that can be preferred for long-lasting use.

The average pricing for Osstem Implant is between 393 £ and 511 £. Remember that pricing may vary depending on the treatment process and the number of teeth to be treated, as well as the current exchange rate.

Dental implant prices for 2024 have been updated within the Turkish Dental Association. Prices determined by the institution vary depending on the treatment to be applied.

Does Social Security Cover Implant Prices?

Whether SGK covers implant prices is a topic of interest for many people. This treatment is not covered by SGK. The patient covers all treatment expenses.