Izmir Dental Implants - En İyi Diş İmplant Merkezi Proestetik
Izmir Dental Implants

Izmir Dental Implants

Don't let the gaps in your teeth hinder your smile!

We offer dental implant treatment with the highest quality products in Izmir. Pro Esthetic provides prosthetics as functional as real teeth and an aesthetic smile!

Izmir Dental Implants

Izmir Dental Implant Treatment in Alsancak

In our clinic located in Alsancak, Izmir, dental implant treatment is carried out with state-of-the-art equipment. Our expert dentists perform various implant applications, including single tooth implants, all in six, or all in four implants.

The implant procedure duration varies depending on the number of missing teeth of the patient. The healing process of implant treatment typically takes 3-6 months. During the healing period, patients are provided with unique supportive care.

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Izmir Dental Implant Prices

The prices for dental implants in Izmir vary depending on the treatment needed by the patient. Single tooth implant treatment starts from 2000 TL. The treatment process and pricing are determined by our dentists after a detailed examination.

You can contact us immediately for a beautiful smile and take advantage of our free initial examination service provided by our expert dentists.

Izmir Dental Implant Treatment

Specially designed titanium screws, called "implants," are used to mimic the roots of teeth. Implants are commonly used in treating tooth loss. Biocompatible, state-of-the-art implants fuse with the jawbone, providing patients with a real tooth experience.

Dental implant treatment in Izmir is performed by expert dentists from the Pro Esthetic team. Initially, a thorough examination is conducted to determine the patient's expectations and needs. During this process, the number of implants needed, as well as the suitability of the mouth and jaw structure for implants, are assessed.

Following the examination, the treatment process is determined through X-rays and other tests. Implant placement is a surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. Implants can be used for single or multiple tooth loss.

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Pro Estetik Dental Clinic was founded in 2011 in Izmir, Turkey by associate professor M. Selim Bilgin. We serve dental service in all dental branches to all national and international patients in a wide modern clinic, nearly 500-metersquare areas.

All of our dentists are members of the Turkish Dental Association. They speak English and have a huge amount of experience liaising with international patients about their dental treatment and the options available to restore your smile.

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How Are Implants Made?

Dental implant treatment is a method applied to individuals experiencing tooth loss and consists of five stages. The first stage is the examination process, where the patient's jaw structure and general health are examined.

The second stage is the operation stage, where implants are placed in the jawbone and a certain period of healing is expected. In the third stage, the implants integrate with the bone, and in the fourth stage, temporary artificial teeth can be placed.

The final stage is the placement of the artificial tooth, called a crown, onto the implant. This process can vary between 5 to 9 months depending on the patient's condition, and adherence to the doctor's recommendations is important.

Dental implant treatment in Izmir is meticulously managed through all these stages by our expert dentists at Proestetik.

Famous Implant Brands

The best implant brands are evaluated based on criteria such as the materials they are made of, production style, and lifespan.

Nobel Biocare stands out as a Swiss-based manufacturer, particularly known for its customized implants. Straumann, a Swedish brand, is known for its products designed considering different oral structures.

Medentika, based in Germany, offers suitable products for patients using removable prosthetics. Astra Tech, a Swedish brand, provides advanced manufacturing technologies and long-term use options. MegaGen, founded in Korea, is known for its expert medical team and FDA-approved products.

In Turkey, local brands like Bilimplant, Implance, NucleOSS, and DTI are also reliable options. When choosing an implant, the manufacturer's experience, importance given to R&D studies, and dentists' preferences should be considered.

Types of Dental Implants

Various types of implants and applications are developed to provide individuals with comfortable and lifelike dental experiences suitable for various oral structures.

Endodontic implants are used to strengthen weak teeth and place them in the root canal. Transosseous implants can usually be applied to the entire jawbone by attaching them to the lower jawbone.

Intramucosal implants are used in cases of tooth root loss and inadequate jawbone, while subperiosteal implants are placed between the jawbone and the gum and are preferred for patients with jawbone problems.

Endostal implants are placed in the jawbone in the form of screws or cylinders, offering a durable and long-lasting option. This diversity provides solutions tailored to the specific needs of patients and treatment planning by dentists, offering a significant advantage for personalized implant treatment.

32 Dental Implants

The 32 dental implant treatment is a method applied to patients with no teeth. It typically includes between 6 to 12 implants. The treatment plan is determined based on the patient's oral structure, and implants can be placed in the upper jawbone between 4 to 8, and in the lower jawbone between 2 to 4.

Three different types of prostheses can be applied under this treatment: implant-supported fixed prostheses, implant-supported removable prostheses, and All on 4, All on 6 prostheses. The prices for 32 dental implant treatment, determined according to the treatment process and the prosthesis to be applied, generally range from 30,000 TL to 50,000 TL.

The prices for 32 dental implants in Izmir may vary depending on the treatment process and the prosthesis to be applied. It is recommended to consult with your dentist for detailed information.

All on 6 Implant

All on 6 implant is a fast and economical treatment method applied to patients with tooth or jawbone loss using 6 implants placed at specific angles. With this method, strong full-mouth prostheses are provided in a short time, chewing functions are restored, and an aesthetic smile is achieved.

The treatment consists of 2 stages, and after the implants are placed, a 3-month period is expected for them to fuse with the jawbone. The advantages of All on 6 implants include being economical, quick to complete, requiring less sinus lifting or grafting, providing strong prostheses, and offering biting functions similar to natural teeth.

After treatment, it is important to consume soft foods, avoid smoking and alcohol use, attend regular doctor check-ups, and use the pain relievers recommended by the dentist.

All on 4 Implant

All on 4 implant is a popular treatment method that provides fixed prostheses in a short time using only 4 titanium implants for individuals with tooth loss. This method is economical compared to traditional implants. At the same time, its planning is personalized for the patient and advantageous for individuals with bone loss.

The angled placement of the implants ensures they are positioned in strong areas without damaging the anatomical structure. The advantages of All on 4 implants include comfortable use for the patient, rapid healing, and a high success rate.

The prices for All on 4 implants in Izmir vary depending on the type of prosthesis, implant brand, and materials used.