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Izmir Zirconium Veneers

Izmir Zirconium Veneers

A Natural and Healthy Touch to Your Teeth: Zirconium Veneers!

At Pro Estetik, we meticulously apply zirconium veneers in Izmir, minimizing aesthetic imperfections in teeth and offering our patients a natural smile

Izmir Zirconium Veneers

Zirconium Veneers in Alsancak, Izmir Make a Difference!

At our clinic in Alsancak, Izmir, zirconium veneers are applied by our expert team. Using top-quality materials, we achieve a look closest to natural teeth. Zirconium veneers, obtained through a special firing technique, are long-lasting and durable.

With the assurance of Pro Estetik, your veneers are resistant to breakage and cracking. The translucent structure of zirconium allows light to pass through, providing aesthetic harmony in your teeth. Your veneers, with their smooth texture, do not undergo any color changes or staining."

Izmir Zirconium Veneer Prices

Our Izmir zirconium veneer prices are updated annually according to TDB (Turkish Dental Association) data. Veneer prices range from 2000 TL to 10,000 TL.

For the most accurate pricing, come in for our free initial consultation service, and let's plan your treatment together!"

Izmir Zirconium Veneers: Aesthetic and Durable

Zirconium is a special veneering material used in dental treatments, offering an excellent option for individuals focused on dental aesthetics. Zirconium dental veneers provide natural tooth appearance and long-lasting use advantages for patients with aesthetic concerns.

Zirconium veneers do not contain metal in their composition and are entirely made of porcelain. This ensures both a more natural appearance and no alteration in taste in the mouth.


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All of our dentists are members of the Turkish Dental Association. They speak English and have a huge amount of experience liaising with international patients about their dental treatment and the options available to restore your smile.

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Advantages of Zirconium Dental Crowns

Natural and Aesthetic Appearance:

Zirconium dental crowns offer results closest to natural dental aesthetics due to their white, translucent, light-transmitting properties. They easily blend with other teeth in your mouth, making a noticeable aesthetic improvement to your smile.

Resistance to Color Change:

Zirconium, with its smooth structure, does not change color. This feature helps maintain dental aesthetics for a long time, boosting the patient's confidence.

Biocompatible and Durable:

Zirconium, which does not contain metal, is a biocompatible material. It can be used in the mouth for many years, does not adversely affect gum health, and stands out with its durability.

High Durability:

Zirconium dental crowns have a high resistance to breakage. They provide durability against chewing pressure, lateral forces, and grinding situations.

Izmir Zirconium Crown Treatment Process

Izmir zirconium crowns are meticulously applied at our clinic in Alsancak after a thorough examination. Each stage is managed by our expert dentists, and regular checks are performed after the procedure.

Examination and Planning:

A detailed examination and X-ray analysis are conducted for treatment planning. Healthy tooth and gum structure are important for a successful zirconium crown treatment.

Tooth Preparation:

The teeth to be fitted with zirconium crowns are trimmed, and measurements are taken. The amount of trimming is determined based on the condition of the tooth.

Taking Impressions:

The measurements are sent to the laboratory, and the fabrication of permanent zirconium crowns begins.

Temporary Tooth Application:

Temporary teeth are applied until the permanent ones are ready. When the permanent zirconium crowns are completed, the temporary teeth are replaced.

Why Choose Zirconium Crowns?

Post-Implant Restoration: They are an ideal solution for aesthetic and functional restoration of lost teeth after implant treatment.

Aesthetic Solution for Bridge Needs: They provide an aesthetic solution for dental bridges, supporting a natural smile when needed.

Solution for Various Dental Problems: They offer an effective treatment for correcting broken, decayed, or misaligned teeth.

For Cases Not Responding to Teeth Whitening: They are an effective alternative for cases of color loss that do not respond to teeth whitening treatments.

Izmir Zirconium Dental Prices

Izmir zirconium dental prices start from 2000 TL as of 2024. Pricing may vary depending on the number of teeth to be crowned and the treatment process.

Izmir Zirconium Smile Design

Treatments aimed at making teeth look more aesthetic are referred to as smile design or Hollywood smile. Patients consult with dentists for treatment, and the necessary treatment for a more aesthetic smile is determined.

Zirconium crowns offer a natural-looking, durable, and biocompatible solution to patients with high aesthetic expectations. Contact us for zirconium crown treatment in Izmir and bring together the health and aesthetics of your smile!